Recognized as one of the fastest growing IT solutions providers In the southeast region! Krove specializes in onsite service, global remote support solutions and many other IT services our goal is to   provide you and or your business with cost effective reliable solutions.  Click Here for a full list of our services!

Q…What Does Krove Stand For?

A…Keeping Real Offices Virtually Efficient!


Rapid Response Area

Centrally located in the Ti-County area we offer immediate service in West Palm, Broward and Dade counties.  If you are located in any of these areas Krove can have a tech to your location within two hours of your call.

Our Mission

Krove is a family owned business, which has been providing IT services to local business for over 10 years! Our corporate office along with our In-Store service center is centrally located in Broward County Florida.  Our main goal is to provide cost effective reliable IT solutions to you and your business.

We cater to all industries and needs! Krove’s solutions have help companies locally & globally. We have invested thousands of dollars & hours into research to provide our customers cutting edge solutions and services. Please feel free to come visit or service center and corporate office.  Not only do we use the solutions we sell, we also have a solid relationship with those companies.